“ Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live”

The Beginning:

The perfect start to this journey is with an intimate “pregnancy” portrait.  Now I know all too well what you’re all thinking...”I’m not feeling very flattering right now.” What we want you to embrace is the beauty of expecting.  

Michelle understands how to create soft lighting and flattering poses along with digital artistry to enhance each special image.


Precious & Priceless Newborn ( 5-7 days)

The emotional & joyful journey of being a new mother can be overwhelming. Capturing beautiful and timeless images of your baby within the first few days of life is priceless. We are here to hold you hand and make this experience effortless and unforgettable. We LOVE babies!

From our first consultation to the final art piece or album you will have as much or as little to do in bringing your ideas to life.

This is the perfect time to focus on all the “precious littles” of your newborn. Ten little fingers, ten little toes, two beautiful eyes and one button nose. Mom &/or dads should be cuddled in this first session together to enjoy those sweet sighs and little yawns.

Tender Moments: (3 mo.)

A playfulness in their eyes and an awareness of their surroundings. In fact, looking in a mirror is one of their favorite activities. Seeing their smiles, babbles, and laughing at their own chubby little faces. Experience all the joy in this session watching your baby as if they were a reflection of you.

Expressive Faces: ( 6 mo.)

Amusing us with their expressive faces. The experience of this session is the pureness of a baby’s mood. Quiet and shy to grins or smirks, these little looks will melt your hearts.


“My precious little baby I have loved you from the start, you are a tiny miracle laying closely to my heart”

-  Unknown