I believe in taking a risk, seeking adventure and following my faith. My heart has always guided my decisions and during my 30 year career, I have learned that respect and trust are monumental in keeping the integrity I founded my studio on. For all those who have entrusted in me their most precious and significant memories in life, I share with you the “heart of life.” Your families, your children and your friends are a blessing in your lives as you have been a blessing in mine. It is an honor more prestigious than any award to be able to share my passion and my talents with all of you. God has given me this wonderful gift of capturing the “heart” in people in the images I create so that you can share this gift through these images with the special people in your lives. Together we celebrate and share the circle of life with portraits that become heirlooms throughout each generation.

Thank you for believing,

Michelle Schmidt


Michelles Portrait Design is a boutique studio that has been located in the city of Medina for 26 years. Our studio opened in 1988 on the main street of Hamel and moved to the Rolling Green Business Center in 2005. Michelle's Portrait Design is committed to maintaining a low volume of sessions so that you receive the personal attention and the quality of art created is never compromised. We want your images to represent something meaningful.

Our team is dedicated to the whole experience and what my clients have found is because we hold their hand and guide them through the entire process, when they get their artwork home they are absolutely thrilled.

There is a sense of pride and accomplishment in creating something that is so valued by others. We really enjoy the time we spend with all of our clients, and feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when we’ve created work that our clients love.

We are dedicated to offering the latest products & services that the photography industry has to offer.


When choosing a photographer to tell your story, Michelle is one who is dedicated to the entire experience!  From your initial consultation, to defining your vision and bringing the final creation of your portrait to life.

She takes pride in the artistry of her images and is passionate about portraying your true spirit and individuality.

The ideas and inspiration for your session will come from an expression of who you are, your style, your relationships and your connection as a family.